Western Washington University

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WWU students: In Winter 2024 I’ll be teaching History 390, US & International Terrorism, which counts towards both the History Major and the Human Rights minor. Since the course description in not available in the catalog, I’m making it available here:

What is terrorism? Who decides? How should historians research and write about political violence? This course examines the challenges and possibilities of researching terrorism in United States and international history since 1970. Reading assignments, films, and lectures will cover core themes in terrorism history and introduce students to theoretical, historiographical, methodological, ethical, and political debates surrounding research on terrorism and counterterrorism. Students will engage with core literature in the field and explore a range of primary sources, including declassified intelligence agency documents, oral histories, and multimedia sources.

Department of History (2018 – present)

  • Pacific Northwest History
  • American History since 1865
  • The United States and International Terrorism
  • The United States in the Cold War
  • The American Right (Honors)

University of Massachusetts Amherst

Online, Department of History (2019)

  • The American War in Vietnam

Department of History (2011-2018)

  • The United States and International Terrorism
  • Social Change in the 1960s United States
  • United States since 1876
  • United States to 1876

Teaching Assistant, Department of Judaic and Near Eastern Studies (2013-2014)

  • The Jewish People, 70CE-present

Teaching Assistant, Department of History (2008-2013)

  • African American History from Africa to the Civil War
  • Contemporary U.S. History
  • Indigenous Peoples of North America
  • U.S.-Latin American Relations
  • The American War in Vietnam
  • American Westward Expansion